November 5, 2017

Together, we can make a difference...


If you, or someone you know wishes to make a donation of any kind, follow the links below for the necessary paperwork.

The difference starts with you chosing to get involved.

 There are plenty of opportunities, ranging from the toy drive, to the silent auction, to sponsorship at many levels; for more information please contact

Sandra W. Siliato

(908) 337-6032

For information regarding the horse show, please contact 

Bethie W. Dayton

(908) 507-0653

Kickin' Childhood Cancer  

Ten years running, still running strong.

   In the fast paced life that most equestrians lead, it is easy to forget about our responsibility to others and how easy it is to fulfill that responsibility.

   We at the Kickin' Childhood Cancer horse show invite you to join us on our quest to bring comfort and solutions to children suffering with cancer or blood disorders and their families.

Horse Show Exhibitors

Follow the links below for more information regarding the competition.