Bethie Dayton- Trainer

Bethie brings nearly 40 years of experience to the farm. Growing up she worked at Hunterdon under George Morris- many of whose ideals she still holds to. She started her own program from scratch at 20 years old, and has grown throughout the years to bring her own riders to national finals. 


Libby Dayton- Trainer, Rider, Sales

While Libby instructs alongside Bethie, she also rides professionally for Red Oak Farm. Having ridden for Olympic gold medalists and gained knowledge of running horse shows through working events such as The Central Park Horse Show, Libby brings a vast assortment of knowledge and skills to the farm.

Shea Dayton- General Manager, Actuary 

Prior to the opening of Red Oak Farm, Shea was a skilled carpenter specializing in craft interior wood working. He has brought his knowledge as both a craftsman and a business owner to the farm and is now general manager and actuary.

Alvin Melendes- Barn Manager

 Alvin is a skilled horseman, whose empathy for the animal is unmatched. He provides only the best horse care, holds himself and his horses to high standards and knows his horses inside and out. This combined with his experience on the show circuit, his eye for horse conditioning and his desire for his horses to be competitively successful is what qualifies him to be the Red Oak Farm barn manager. 

Ginny Lussan- Trainer

Ginny is a long time industry professional, who has an eye for detail and has been able to instill that exacting nature in her students. She creates accurate riders, with a strong foundation in correct riding and equitation. Moreover, she shares a strong belief in the importance of horsemanship, and pushes her students to share that appreciation and respect of the horse.



The Farm Features:

  • 3 large outdoor arenas with constantly changing courses (grass and sand)
  • 1 indoor arena with lights, windows and mirrors (connected to barn)
  • 37 stalls (4 of which are outdoor, open-air), cleaned impeccably
  • large grass turnout fields as well as sand turnouts
  • round pen

What We Offer

Red Oak Farm is a top tier equestrian facility specializing in training, sales, competition and boarding.

We offer high-quality horse care, instruction and sales assistance. Follow the link below for client reviews.

About The Farm

  • 1 indoor and 1 outdoor wash stall (hot/cold)
  • heated/ air conditioned upstairs viewing room overlooking the indoor
  • heated tack cleaning room
  • wide variety of jumps
  • 24 hour surveliance cameras