To all those who attended,

thank you for your support at the 2016 Kickin' Childhood Cancer Horse Show, and congratulations to all our winners!!

Kickin' Childhood Cancer & The Valerie Fund

Each year, Kickin' Childhood Cancer choses to benefit the The Valerie Fund Children's Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at the Unterberg Hospital, in Monmouth NJ. Follow the link to their full website for more information on the center and how you can get involved.


-The Pearce Family on the Lease of A Little Bit of Everything

-Allison Harrison on her purchase of MVP

- The Rieber family on the lease of Farnley's Blew Kisses

-Ruby Smith on the Lease of Come Reine or Come Shine

-The DeMattheis Family on the purchase of Falba VDL

-Autumn Siliato on the purchase of Lhitigator

-Kate Goodrich on the purchase of The Mystic Jewel

-Caryn Yakacki on the lease of Talisman

-Ally Thebault on the lease of Handsome Reward

-Emily Dehoff on the lease of Only Blue

-Katherine Michael on the purchase of Appeal

-The Curcio-Greenfield Family on the purchase of Mosquito

-The DeMattheis Family on the purchase of Short List

-The Richardson Family on the lease of Peyton

-The Pearse family on the lease of A Little Bit of Everything

-Holiday Polk on the lease of Thumballena

-Caroline Leanza on the lease of Evermore

-Emer Coyne on the purchase of Willow

-Kate Goodrich on the lease of The Mystic Jewel

-Suzette Polk on the Lease of Mayfair

-Caroline Sheridan on the purchase of The Pony Princess

-The Sinturel Family on the lease of Verona

-Michelle Hudec and Ellen Marshall on your lease of Santa's Rocket

-Ellen Marshall on the lease of Titleist

-Ella Spina on the purchase of Appeal

-Izzy Feinstein on the purchase of She's The One

-Hidden Acres Farm on the lease of Third Time's a Charm

-Hidden Acres Farm on the lease of Land's End Snapdragon

-Wendy Pola on her purchase of River City

-The Smith Family on its lease of A Moment to Remember

-Beyaert Farm on the lease of Clovercroft Cinnabunny

-Ella Spina on her lease of Fox Gold

-Autumn Siliato on her purchase of Troy

-Nicole Katz on her lease of River Walk

-Saarah Mohammedi on her purchase of Willow Run

-Sage Hill Farm on it's lease of Verona

-Heathersfield Farm LLC on it's purchase of Fiona

The horses we have purchased for our clients have been very successful- from the upper levels of competition to the very beginning of riding careers, we can find your match.

The ROF Schooling Show Series offers a wide variety of classes for the seasoned rider to first time competitors. NJPHA, NJHSA and M&S classes.

As long time industry members, Red Oak Farm's team is well prepared to take you and your horse to the top.

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NJPHA, NJHSA and M&S classes

The Capital One Autumn Classic

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